Data Table Editor & Generator

  • [Reset Table] To clear all table data
  • Expand '> Instructions' to read the instructions
  • [~] Rename Column
  • [x] Delete Column
  • [<+] Add Column Left
  • [+=] Duplicate this column
  • [+>] Add Column Right
  • Use tabs to switch between the type of text representation: markdown, csv, etc.
  • Drag and drop files of selected representation to import.
  • click [Set Text From Grid] to generate text from the Grid
  • Enter format in the Text Area and click [Set Grid From Text] to generate the grid from the entered text type
  • [Choose File] to Import chosen type e.g. CSV, Markdown file to set grid from the loaded file
  • [Download ...] will download the grid as chosen format e.g CSV, Markdown
  • Drag Columns to re-order
  • Drag Rows to re-order
  • Select multiple rows with ctrl and shift (cmd + shift on mac)
  • Add new Rows with the [Add Row...] buttons
  • [Delete Selected Rows] will delete any selected rows
  • Use the filter icon on the left of each column to filter specific column.
  • The up and down arrows in the header will sort the column, use (x) to clear the sort
  • Use the Filter field to filter any column to match the text
  • [Clear Filters] will clear the quick filter and all column filters
  • Test Data can be generated by adding a set of (rulename \n rule) in text box
  • Adding a number of rows to generate and clicking [Generate] button
  • Rule can be a RegEx expression or a faker API call e.g. (Connie|Bob) or
Test Data