You look around and see what you have to fight with.\n\nI know. Grab a pillow, that should do it, you can fluff the zombie to death. Oh Oh! That won't work, zombies are already dead.\n\nWhat else?\n\nOf course, your cardboard box. You have used that as a time machine, a boat, and a castle, you can turn it into a shield. \n\nBut you need a weapon. What can you use? Quickly you grab a coat hanger to hit the zombie with.\n\nWhat now?\n\n[[Armed with a coat hanger and cardboard shield, attack whatever comes through the door|Attack with Coat Hanger]]\n\n[[Nah, this is a bad idea, hide under the bed instead|Hide under the bed]]
"AAAAaaaarggghhh!" you shout bravely.\n\nYou close your eyes and start bashing the zombie with your fists.\n\n"Ow!" you hear the Zombie say in a very unzombie like way.\n\n"Stop it" you hear the Zombie say in a very pained voice.\n\nYou open your eyes and look at the zombie.\n\nFor some reason the zombie's face has fallen off.\n\nYou can see your mum's face and a zombie mask in her hand.\n\n"Why are you punching me in the face!" says your mum.\n\n"I wasn't attacking you. I was attacking a zombie! Why were you trying to scare me."\n\n"You've already said you were brave, and that you like zombies, so I thought I'd practice for Halloween next week and test your braveness at the same time."\n\nYou look at your mum sternly. "Its lucky you weren't a real Zombie, otherwise I would have punched you into tiny pieces."\n\nYou and mum both laugh.\n\n"I've got the number for the Space Defence League" shouts your Dad from the kitchen.\n\nYou and mum look at each other and shake your heads. \n\nThe End
In a blinding flash of madness you decide not to worry about the zombie hordes taking over the world.\n\nYou convince yourself that it will all be OK in the morning so you snuggle into bed and within seconds you are snoring.\n\nYou dream a nice dream about dreamy stuff that you think is nice.\n\nAnd will you wake up in the morning? Or will zombies have taken over the world? Since you didn't finish the adventure you won't know.\n\nTry again. But next time. Please try and save yourself, your family, and the rest of the world.
Dad opens the door and you start speaking as fast as you can.\n\n"Dad, zombie, outside, tree, eating, watched it, brains." you blurt out in a rush of words."\n\n"What?" says your dad.\n\nYou gather your thoughts and describe the situation to your dad so that he can understand you.\n\n"Don't open the front door, zombie eating tree out there."\n\n"A zombie eating tree? Trees don't eat zombies. Get back to bed and go to sleep."\n\n"But dad! It's true!"\n\nJust then you and your dad hear something knocking at the front door.\n\n"Go back to bed. I have to answer the front door."\n\n"But Dad! Outside, zombie, eating, tree, brains" you say helpfully. I think your dad thinks you are going insane.\n\nWhat are you going to do.\n\n[[Run after your dad and drag him back upstairs to look out of the window for himself|Drag dad upstairs]]\n[[Run in front of your dad to get to the front door first|Get to front door first]]
What was that?\n\nIt sounded like someone shouted "Zombies". No. It couldn't be.\n\nCould it?\n\n[[Do you dare look out of the window?|You look out of the Window]]\n[[Or will you crawl back into bed like a widdle baby scaredy pants?|Widdle Baby Scaredy Pants]]
If your Dad is not going to pay attention to you then the fate of the world depends on your actions.\n\nThis is your chance.\n\nYou alone can save the world.\n\nYou pick up the phone.\n\n[[But then you hear the screaming!|Let dad answer the front door]]\n\n\n\n
You grab your dad.\n\nBut since he is much bigger than you. He keeps walking, dragging you down the stairs.\n\n"No!" You shout, knowing that your dad is dragging you to certain death at the teeth of zombie outside.\n\nYour dad picks you up at the bottom of the stair. Puts you in the living room and says "Wait here, while I answer the door."\n\n[[Stay here like your dad says and let him answer the front door|Let dad answer the front door]]\n[[Run in front of your dad to get to the front door first|Get to front door first]]
You shout "Dad, there's a zombie in our garden" at the top of your voice.\n\nYou hear your dad shout, "Get back to bed and go to sleep"\n\n"But Dad, there is a zombie" you shout back.\n\nYou hear your dad start to come upstairs. You might be in trouble...\n\nBut worse than that, the zombie outside must have heard you. You can tell because he is looking up at you standing at the bedroom window, looking down at the zombie as he looks up at you.\n\nThe zombie starts walking towards your front door.\n\nJust as your dad opens your bedroom door you can hear the zombie outside say "Braaainnns, insssiiide".\n\n[[Tell your dad about the zombie as soon as he opens the door|Tell dad quickly]]\n[[You are too shocked to speak so you mime the situation to your dad|Mime About Zombies]]\n[[Ah, forget about it, Dad's right, just go to sleep|Snuggle up]]\n\n
The zombie shuffles towards your front garden.\n\nIt looks down at the bushes that mark the boundary of your garden.\n\nIt lifts its foot as if to step over them, then falls flat on its face into your front garden.\n\nIt looks at the tree in the middle of your front garden. You think you hear it say "Braaainnnns" before it start chewing on the tree.\n\n[[Shout "Dad, there's a zombie in our garden"|Shout Zombie]]\n[[Sneak downstairs to tell your Dad about the zombie|Sneak Downstairs]]\n[[Snuggle up in bed for a nice snooze|Snuggle up]]
Your dad comes into the room.\n\nHe is expecting to see your sleeping body in the bed. And surprised when you are not there.\n\n"Quick phone the police, the fire brigade and army. Our child has gone missing!" he shouts.\n\n"No, I'm here" you say from under the bed.\n\nYou slowly crawl out from under the bed and say "I thought you were a zombie!"\n\n"Do I look like a zombie?" he asks.\n\nYou want to say "Ehm, a little bit" but instead say "No of course not."\n\n"Do I smell like a zombie?" he asks.\n\nYou want to say "No, you smell like stinky fish in a bog of mouldy bananas" but instead say "No of course not"\n\n"Do I walk like a zombie?" he asks.\n\nYou want to say "Only in the morning when you first wake up" but instead say "Only a little bit".\n\n"Get back into bed and go to sleep you little monster. There are no zombies here."\n\nYour dad watches you climb back into bed and close your eyes, then he closes the door and goes downstairs.\n\nBut you can't go back to sleep.\n\n[[You need to look out of window to double check that there are no zombies|You look out of the Window]]\n
Zombies! Aaargh!
You run to the front door and stand in front of it with your arms wide apart, blocking the door.\n\n"Don't open the door there is a zombie out there!"\n\nDad looks at you as though you are a tiny pebble in the path of a tank.\n\nHe picks you up, puts you in the living room and says "Now stay here or you'll be in real trouble. I've had enough of your nonsense about Zombies."\n\nDad shuts the living room door.\n\nWhat are you going to do?\n\n[[Wait for dad to come back?|Let dad answer the front door]]\n[[Phone the police?|Phone police while Dad not there]]
You hear a scream and a zombie wanders in to your house.\n\nYour dad runs into the living room and closes the door behind him.\n\n"Zombies, in house, brains" your dad garbles out.\n\n"That's what I said" you say.\n\nYou both hear the zombie banging at the living room door.\n\nWhat are you going to do?\n\n[[Phone the police and ask for help|Phone police]]\n[[Sneak out the living room window|Sneak out living room window]]\n\n
You run to the Living Room window.\n\n"Run away! Run away!" you shout out, hoping that your Dad understands your sneaky plan.\n\nYou start to open the window.\n\nThe zombie crashes across the Living room. Shambling in your direction.\n\nYou can't get the window open in time.\n\nYou feel the Zombie's hand on your shoulder and you can hear it moaning "Brraaaaiiinss" in your ear.\n\n[[Attack the Zombie|Attack the Zombie]]
You dive at our dad and leap onto his back. Normally you would shout "Piggy back time" or "Ride 'em cowboy", but instead you shout "Aaargh, Zombies" and put your hands over his eyes.\n\nYour dad tries to shake you off, but you hold on tight, the threat of zombies outside gives you the strength of 10 children and he can't get rid of you.\n\nYou're like a tiny super powered hero with the super powers of a limpet. \n\nBut your Dad has been through this before, so he reaches round and starts tickling your feet.\n\nYou can't hold on any more. He has found your only vulnerability. You let go and fall to the ground.\n\nHe reaches for the curtains.\n\n"No! Stop! Zombies" you shout at the top of your voice.\n\nOh Oh! You realise that your shouting may have alerted the zombie outside to your presence.\n\nYou and your dad hear a knocking at the front door.\n\n"Stay here, I have to answer the front door." Says your dad. "I'll deal with you in a minute".\n\n[[Stay here like your dad says and let him answer the front door|Let dad answer the front door]]\n[[Run in front of your dad to get to the front door first|Get to front door first]]\n
You hide yourself behind the curtain but keep one eye on the action outside. Just making sure that no light from the room behind you can reveal your presence watching the zombie.\n\n[[Watch the zombie and see what happens|Watch it and see what it does]]
A scarey story about scarey things. Too Scarey for you!
Alan & Keeran Richardson
"Let's phone the police!" you say to your Dad.\n\n"We need to call the Police, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, and the Space Defence League!"\n\n"I'll start with the Police since I know their number. You find the numbers for the rest."\n\nYou pick up the phone and start to dial 999. You dial the first number and then the living room door bursts open.\n\nYou scream "Zombies!"\n\nYour Dad screams "Aaargh!"\n\nThe zombie moans "Braaiiiiinss"\n\n[[Jump out of the living room window and make a break for freedom|Sneak out living room window]]\n[[Attack the Zombie|Attack the Zombie]]
Your dad throws open the living room curtains.\n\nYour hand covers your mouth to prevent you from screaming in terror at the sight of the zombie in the garden.\n\nYou wait for your dad to start screaming.\n\nYou wait.\n\nYour dad must be toughter than you thought because he hasn't started screaming yet.\n\nYour dad is looking at you with his arms crossed.\n\n"There is no zombie outside, in the garden, eating the tree."\n\nOh Oh! You realise what must have happened. The zombie must have heard in the house, so he knows you are there.\n\nYou both hear a knocking at the front door.\n\n"Stay here, I have to answer the front door." Says your dad. "I'll deal with you in a minute".\n\n[[Stay here like your dad says and let him answer the front door|Let dad answer the front door]]\n[[Run in front of your dad to get to the front door first|Get to front door first]]\n\n
The door opens slowly. \n\nYou can see a shadowy figure in the doorway.\n\n"ATTACK!" you squeal as you throw the coat hanger at the shadowy figure and hide behind your card board shield.\n\n"Ouch!" says the zombie, in a very unlike zombie way. In fact, the zombie sounds a lot like your dad.\n\nYou sneak a peak from behind your shield and see your dad rubbing a newly formed bump on his forehead.\n\nYou jump back into bed and pull the covers up, hoping your dad will think that he was attacked by a mutant coat hanger from Mars.\n\nYour dad closes the door muttering something about mutants.\n\nYour plan worked, but you still can't go to sleep.\n\n[[Look out of the window and see for yourself that there are no zombies|You look out of the Window]]
You start climbing back into bed, because it will be warm and safe. You know you can go back to sleep and forget about any Zombies, after all, zombies don't exist.\n\nAs you start to pull the covers back over your body, you hear a noise.\n\nFootsteps. \n\nComing up the stairs.\n\nThe footsteps get louder and louder.\n\nWhat are you going to do?\n\n[[Jump out of the bed and get ready to fight whoever, or whatever it is|Get out of bed and fight]],\n\n[[Hide under the bed|Hide under the bed]]
You creep downstairs ever so carefully. You don't know if the zombie can hear you move about inside the house but you don't want to take any chances.\n\nYou reach the living room door and open it carefully.\n\nYour Dad is watching TV.\n\n"Dad there is a zombie outside nibbling on the tree." you say.\n\n"What?" said your dad. "Did you have a nightmare?"\n\n"No, just come and see for yourself there is a zombie outside."\n\nYour dad moves over to the living room curtains.\n\n"Look, I'll open the curtains and you can see that there is no zombie in the Garden"\n\nWhat will you do next?\n\n[[Let dad open the curtains, the zombie probably won't notice you both standing in the living room with all the lights on|Open Living Room Curtains]]\n[[Stop Dad opening the curtains, the zombie will see you both|Stop dad opening the curtains]]
"AAARGH!" you scream.\n\nIt was true.\n\nThat was a zombie!\n\nYou could tell because it looked like a zombie, it walked like a zombie, it talked like a zombie and, if you were close enough, it probably smelled like a zombie too.\n\nWhat are you going to do?\n\n[[Hide behind the curtain in case it sees you.|Hide behind the curtain]]\n\n[[Watch it and see what it does.|Watch it and see what it does]]
Your dad opens the bedroom door. Light floods in from the hallway.\n\nYou point to the window. Stick your arms out in front of you. As you sway from side to side you move your mouth as if chewing.\n\nYour dad stands watching you open mouthed. I think he thinks you have gone crazy.\n\nJust to make your mime better, you moan and mime saying "Braaiiinnnss".\n\nJust as your dad is about to give you a telling off, you hear a knocking at the front door.\n\n"Get back into bed and go to sleep", says your dad, "I have to go and answer the door."\n\nYou want to tell him "no, don't answer it" but you are too scared to talk remember.\n\nYour dad leaves to answer the door.\n\n[[Run after your dad and drag him back upstairs to look out of the window for himself|Drag dad upstairs]]\n[[Run in front of your dad to get to the front door first|Get to front door first]]