Count down decreases every 1/10th of a second

If count is on the 'magic number' then you get a point.

press up or down to increase count up or down.

up count increment and down count increment are controlled by up and down stats.

up or down costs boost

boost increased at every points change

stats will disappear if you start to get good - no-one is that good.

Stats show the:

* UP (amount to increase count when you press up)

* DOWN (amount to decrease count when you press down)

* MAGIC (amount to match the count to score points)

* ROUNDS (number of rounds left until game is too hard to play, also maximum count value)

* HIDE (number of rounds before stats are hidden)

Game ends if you let count hit zero.

Press space to start game



Boost Left:

Stats: UP [] DOWN [] MAGIC [] ROUNDS [] HIDE []